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Installation & Setup

Installing a new potentiostat, multiplexer, flexcell, or not certain what all those leads are for? Resources here will help get you going. Keep in mind that quite a bit of information can be found in the manual, quick start guide, and through the help menu in Framework and Analyst.

Installing Echem Analyst

Posted by gamry on May 11, 2021

You can choose to only install Echem Analyst by following these steps:

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Bipotentiostat Installation and Setup

Posted by gamry on December 11, 2017

Gamry Instruments potentiostats can be used in bipotentiostat configuration for the purpose of rotating ring-disk electrode experiments

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Step-by-step Instructions for Changing Your ECM8 COM Port Number

Posted by Dan Cook on March 22, 2016

Windows initializes the USB converter device and automatically assigns the next available COM port. This is a problem if the converter is plugged into a different physical USB port, as windows will see it as a brand new device and will initialize it with a new COM port number.

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Interpreting the Calibration Data of Your Potentiostat

Posted by gamry on February 1, 2016

This technical note is intended to help you better understand what the calibration results for your Gamry potentiostat mean.

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Step-by-Step Software Authorization for a MultEchem System

Posted by Dan Cook on September 1, 2014

MultEchem systems allow multiple instruments to share a single software license and be run from a single computer. The system utilizes a USB dongle to activate the software license across all instruments.

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Installing a USB-to-Serial adapter for Gamry Hardware

Posted by gamry on August 1, 2014

Computers with Serial ports are become increasingly rare. However, many research instruments still rely on this very simple communication protocol. The USB-to-Serial adapter addresses the problem of the physical connection, but software must still be manually configured to interface with the device by a COM port number.

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MultEchem Dongle #00000 Installed

Posted by Aaron on May 1, 2014

USB ports where the dongle does not engage tightly can result in Microsoft Windows detecting the dongle but not properly reading the dongle serial number

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