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How do I upgrade to the latest version of the software?

Once you have registered your instrument(s) at the client portal, a link to the latest version will be visible under the instrument’s details.

Where can I find the operating instructions and specifications for my potentiostat?

You can find installation instructions, calibration procedures, and instrument manuals on our document downloads page.

How do I perform analysis on my collected data?

Our Quick Start Guide discusses all of the features and techniques available in our analysis software, Echem Analyst.
We also have videos available.

Where can I check my instruments warranty information or legacy authorization codes?

Once you have registered your instrument(s) at the client portal, the warranty period and authorization codes purchased with the instrument will be visible under the instrument’s details.

How can I create custom experimental sequences and automate my testing?

You can use the Sequence Wizard to make a unique series of experiments that are tailor-made to your needs. You can find the Sequence Wizard by going to the Experiment menu in Framework and selecting Sequence Wizard.
We have a series of videos detailing features and best practices in the Sequence Wizard.

Where can I find information on Setup Parameters?

The Gamry Help file is a great resource for explanation on the setup and running of experiments. To access this, go to the Help menu in Framework, then Contents. The sections are broken down by experiment type. Individual experiment descriptions can be found under the Experimental Techniques section.

How do I purchase a replacement cable, electrode, cell kits, or other accessories?

All of our accessories, including cables, cell kits and parts, and electrodes can all be found and purchased from our online store.

There are issues with my data quality or there are overloads in the data. What can I do?

The first thing to do is to calibrate the instrument. Calibration guides can be found on our documentation page.

If you are using a 3 electrode setup, checking the reference electrode impedance is the next step.

You can find all of our Support Articles on the main Technical Support site.

If you have specific issues not covered, please contact Gamry Support directly. Please attach any relevant data or calibration reports.