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VistaShield™ Faraday Cage

 Gamry’s VistaShield™ Faraday Cage has been replaced with our new Faraday Shield.

Product Details

Faraday Cage

The VistaShield™ Faraday Cage’s powder-coated 304 Stainless Steel construction is designed to stand up to a wide variety of laboratory environments.  The Faraday cage’s conductive glass window allows experimenters to visually observe the cell during an experiment without breaking the shielding.

Access is provided by two 2.5 cm (1 in.) side holes with swing covers and four 1.25 cm (0.5 in.) holes on the back.   Inside the VistaShield, a ring stand and anchor points on the back wall aid experimental setup and cell stability.  There's also a ground lug for a convenient connection to the ground lead of your potentiostat.

Typical setup would involve cell cable(s) from a potentiostat entering via one or both side holes.  Purge/blanket gas would be fed in through one or two back holes.  Feed/return lines for temperature controlled [water] would also go through the back holes.

There is a post inside the VistaShield™ Faraday Cage next to the ring stand bar for grounding the VistaShield™ to the potentiostat.  The potentiostat ground must be connected to the Faraday cage for proper shielding.  If the potentiostat is independently connected to an earth ground source, then this ground connection is sufficient to earth the Faraday cage.  If the VistaShield™ is connected to a source of earth ground independent the potentiostat it is highly recommended that the potentiostat NOT be connected to another earth source, but only the VistaShield™. 



Width 34 cm / 13.5 in
Depth 32 cm / 12.5 in
Height 44 cm / 17.5 in
Weight 9.5 kg / 21 lbs
Largest non-covered opening: 1.25 cm (0.5 in.)
Faraday Cage Access 2 x 32 mm diameter (1.25 in.) covered openings on side
(close to 12 mm/0.5 in dia)
4 x 12 mm diameter (0.5 in.) openings on rear


Length 30.5 cm / 12 in.
Material Aluminum


Material Glass (5.6 ± 0.5 mm thick)
Coating one side only, transparent/conductive (20-40 Ω)

Chemical Compatibility

Non-Wetted Materials Stainless steel, aluminum, glass, powder coating