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Gamry’s bipotentiostat setup is simply the best possible bipotentiostat for rotating ring-disc or scanning electrochemical microscopy experiments.  The two channels in a Gamry bipotentiostat are two fully-functional potentiostats whose timing has been synchronized.  This means that in addition to acting as a bipotentiostat you also have two fully independent potentiostats that can be separated when the need arises.  With two channels, you can double your research output, unlike conventional bipotentiostats.

With this kind of flexibility you can mix Gamry potentiostats of the same type.  

Product Details

There are six different bipotentiostat configurations available to you:

  1. Two Interface 1010 Potentiostats
  2. Two Interface 5000 Potentiostats
  3. One Interface 1010 and one Interface 5000
  4. Two Reference 620 Potentiostats
  5. Two Reference 3000 Potentiostats
  6. One Reference 620 and one Reference 3000

Not only does Gamry bipotentiostats have the capabilities to perform the usual list of experiments, they also have the ability to perform custom experiments. Electrochemical time-of-flight (electrochemical TOF) is an experiment where it is necessary to disconnect the generator electrodes prior to detection of a species at the collector electrodes. Having two fully-independent channels, such as the ones in Gamry’s bipotentiostat, gives you that ability. Since these are two fully-independent channels you also have the ability to run separate, individual experiments on both channels simultaneously.  Gamry's bipotentiostat is simply the most flexible bipotentiostat on the market.