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Screen Printed Electrode Stands

Screen-printed electrodes (SPEs) are universally usable and cost-effective electrochemical sensor devices.  The simple bit flexible design, small footprint, and large variety of electrode materials makes them the ideal sensor for in-situ applications.  Fast-sequenced measurements and quick data analysis are possible due to their short response time, high reproducibility and disposability.

Gamry offers a stand-alone SPE holder as well as an SPE adapter for use with cuvettes.

Product Details

Screen Printed Electrode Holder Part No. 990-00530

Screen Printed Electrode Cell Stand - Part No. 990-00530 

Cell Stand for holding screen printed electrodes to 4 mm male banana cable. Use with 2.5mm pitch SPE.

For use with 935-00135, 935-00136, 935-00137 only


Screen Printed Electrode Adapter Part No 990-00531

Screen Printed Electrode Cell Adapter - Part No. 990-00531

Screen printed electrode adaptor for use with 2.5mm pitch. 
SPE Adapter for use with 935-00135, 935-00136, 935-00137 only.