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Our highly educated support staff of electrochemists and engineers are available to discuss your applications, assist you with data analysis, or just offer advice on how to make the most of your Gamry instrument.

  • Chris Beasley

    Chris Beasley Director of Sales and Marketing

    Chris Beasley
    • Phone: +215-682-9330, Extension 115
    • Toll Free: 877-367-4267, Extension 115
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    Chris Beasley

    Director of Sales and Marketing

    Chris grew up in Berks County, PA and obtained his BS in Chemistry from Kutztown University in 2000, graduating magna cum laude, working under the guidance of Dr. Ed Vitz.  Chris’s undergraduate research project involved interfacing various sensors to a computer using LabVIEW as an ActiveX container for Excel.  This enabled the general chemistry students to study the concepts rather than worry about the tedious details of data acquisition.  

    Chris always had a desire to attend graduate school but at the end of his senior year he enjoyed all fields of chemistry (except quantum mechanics!), so he decided to wait until the time was right to narrow his field.  He went to work for Merck and & Co., Inc. in West Point, PA, after finishing at Kutztown, specialized in method development for HPLC and LC/MS and structure elucidation using NMR.  There he met several people who graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill under the direction of Dr. Royce W. Murray.  Their discussions on the beauty of electrochemistry prompted him to pack up and move to North Carolina.  What?  You didn't know that electrochemistry is beautiful?  That's what a little focus will do for you.

    The Murray lab allowed him to study electrochemistry, learn synthetic organic skills, and expand his analytical toolbox.  Chris’s work centered around redox-active nanoparticles (metal, metal-oxide, and polymeric) both in solution and as films.  Chris’s work with an electrochemical quartz crystal microbalance at UNC caught the attention of Gamry and Chris lead our charge with the eQCM 10M.  He's also talking about electrochemistry on the telephone with our customers, where his natural teaching skills become obvious.

  • Jacob Ketter

    Jacob Ketter Instrumentation Chemist

    Jacob Ketter
    • Phone: +215-682-9330, Extension 128
    • Toll Free: 877-367-4267, Extension 128
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    Jacob Ketter

    Instrumentation Chemist

    Jacob was born in Kansas, quickly moved to Dallas until he was 14, then hustled back to Kansas. Jacob finished high school by doing well academically and, more importantly, capturing the Umbro Poll, signifying the national championship in soccer.

    Jacob received his B.S. Chemistry degree from the University of Kansas in Lawrence. Recommended by Dr. Cindy Larive, he attended graduate school at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where his Research Advisor was Dr. Mark Wightman.

    Jacob had a number of projects at UNC. He specialized in making electrogenerated chemiluminescence measurements with ultramicroelectrodes at high efficiency and high speed. His experience with microelectrodes was of interest to Gamry -- that's where the instrument meets the sample!

    After UNC, Jacob spent 1 1/2 years at a postdoctoral appointment with Dr. Chad Mirkin at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL working on electrodeposition, sensors, and nanomaterials. Jacob joined Gamry in 2008 and has been helping people ever since.

  • Andrew McCaskill

    Andrew McCaskill Sales Engineer

    Andrew McCaskill
    • Phone: +215-682-9330, Extension 148
    • Toll Free: 877-367-4267, Extension 148
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    Andrew McCaskill

    Sales Engineer

    Andrew graduated with his Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering from Florida Institute of Technology. He worked for a Florida based R&D company where he was introduced to electrochemistry. Upon returning to Florida Tech for his Master’s degree he focused on improving catalyst synthesis’ through electrochemical techniques. Primarily he used electrodeposition to simultaneously synthesis and deposit tin oxide as a catalyst for carbon dioxide reduction…another electrochemical process.

    During graduate school he found a love of teaching. He has taught chemistry and chemical engineering courses from high school to graduate level courses. And now he can continue educating through his interactions with our customers every day.   

  • Maya Rahman

    Maya Rahman Technical Sales Specialist

    Maya Rahman

    Maya Rahman

    Technical Sales Specialist

    Maya Z. Rahman was born just outside the City of Brotherly Love and is a native Pennsylvanian, having lived there her entire life! Philadelphia is where she would later earn her undergraduate degree in Biology at Temple University. Subsequently, she successfully completed the 4+1 Biotechnology program at Temple, to earn her Master’s degree in just a year after completing her Bachelor’s degree, while working full time as a reference material scientist. Maya is excited to work, learn, and grow at Gamry, interacting with people across the country and the world, in her role as a Technical Sales Specialist. 

     Previously, Maya worked in several laboratories, focusing on critical reagents and reference materials for drug products and drug development. Specifically, at Spark Therapeutics, she managed the inventory for the Critical Reagents group and prepared materials for the quality control and research and development teams. After working in a Good Manufacturing Practice environment for nearly three years, Maya decided to pursue a new and unique career opportunity at Gamry Instruments.

     In her free time, Maya is an accomplished classical Indian Bharatanatyam dancer and teacher at the Nava Nritya Dance Academy. She has performed at the Art Museum, Sixers Game and various schools and temples. At the academy, she teaches students ranging in ages from five to forty-three. Maya also volunteers at the Guyanese Diaspora Charity, a non-profit organization, dedicated to helping to improve the lives of Guyanese, both in Guyana and America, with a special focus in healthcare research, medical education, and the delivery of primary care medical services. Finally, Maya is an avid reader and traveler, reading about 75 books, and she has visited 25 states, 30 countries and more than 50 cities globally.

  • Jerome Babauta

    Jerome Babauta Marketing Manager

    Jerome Babauta
    • Phone: +215-682-9330, Extension 140
    • Toll Free: 877-367-4267, Extension 140
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    Jerome Babauta

    Marketing Manager

    Jerome grew up in Saipan, CNMI until he moved to Issaquah, WA. He attended Washington State University in Pullman WA where he received a B.S. in Chemical Engineering. He also received a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering at Washington State University studying electron transfer in biofilms. As a part of the graduation requirement, Jerome held a summer internship with Gamry Instruments in 2012 where he learned to appreciate the instrumentation behind electrochemical measurement. 

    Jerome’s expertise is in both biofilm engineering and the application of electrochemical techniques to study electrochemically active biofilms. He has used microsensors, rotating electrodes, quartz crystal microbalance in combination with electrochemical impedance spectroscopy to correlate biofilm impedance with biofilm growth in situ. He has published several papers on this topic and is also a co-editor on a book covering this topic: “Biofilms in Bioelectrochemical Systems: From Laboratory Practice to Data Interpretation”.

  • Monica Trueba

    Monica Trueba European Sales Manager

    Monica Trueba
    • Phone: +215-682-9330, Extension 169
    • Toll Free: 877-367-4267, Extension 169
    • E-mail:

    Monica Trueba

    European Sales Manager

    Monica Trueba was born in Havana, Cuba and was awarded a BSc degree in Chemical Science in 1991. Subsequently she received a MSc degree in Physical Chemistry of Polymers in 2003 from the University of Havana.

    Monica moved to Italy in 2004 and obtained a PhD in Chemical Sciences in 2008 from the University of Milan, Italy. After obtaining her degree she continued to work at the University of Milan as a post doc fellow until 2017.

    With extensive research experience in electrochemistry (details can be found at, search monica trueba (0000-0002-3505-6202) she made a professional change in 2018 to the Scientific Instruments Industry and joined Gamry’s Italian distributor NG Labtec Srl. This gave her the opportunity to become familiar with Gamry Instruments from the inside, and to extend her electrochemical background to energy applications.

  • Morgan Thompson

    Morgan Thompson Technical Support Supervisor

    Morgan Thompson

    Morgan Thompson

    Technical Support Supervisor

    Morgan grew up in the greater Philadelphia region and studied Engineering Science and Mechanics at the Pennsylvania State University. Under the mentorship of Dr. Barbara Shaw, she studied corrosion and performed undergraduate research related to the performance evaluation of coating health sensors utilizing Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy.

    Over the course of two years, Morgan assisted with the annual Penn State Corrosion Short Course and worked as a teaching intern for laboratory-based courses within the Engineering Science Department. Through the short course, Morgan was introduced to the Gamry Team. She joined Gamry in early 2021 as a Technical Support Engineer. In this role, Morgan enjoys interacting with our customers and being the person to support researchers in achieving their experimental goals.  

  • Seth Brynien

    Seth Brynien Technical Support Engineer

    Seth Brynien

    Seth Brynien

    Technical Support Engineer

    Seth was born and raised in Lansdale, PA. He obtained a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and a M.S. in Materials Science & Engineering from the University of Delaware. After graduation in 2017, he moved to Cincinnati, OH where he began work as a Product Development Engineer in the steel industry. In 2019, Seth moved back to the Philadelphia area and began working as a Corrosion Engineer for a Malvern based company.

    During his time as a Corrosion Engineer, Seth designed Cathodic Protection Systems for power plants, bridges, airports and storage tanks. After 3 years of working to prevent corrosion, Seth shifted from hindering corrosion to helping study corrosion, as he began working for Gamry in 2022 as a Customer Support Engineer. Now, Seth works with Gamry users daily to help solve issues and facilitate successful experiments.

  • Aaron Black

    Aaron Black Technical Support Engineer

    Aaron Black

    Aaron Black

    Technical Support Engineer

    Aaron grew up in Roswell, Georgia. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology. At Georgia Tech, Aaron assisted in the Ng Lab where he helped analyze air quality data obtained from a network of deployed air sensors across Georgia. He would create code to pull the data from the sensors and visualize the data for analysis. Aaron has interned in the pharmaceutical industry working in technical support and Process Analytical Technology where he would work with spectroscopy to characterize the product. 

    After taking an electrochemical engineering course at Georgia Tech, Aaron gained interest in Electrochemistry leading him to join Gamry as a Customer Support Engineer after graduation in 2023.