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Faraday Shield with Conductive-glass Window

Gamry’s Faraday Shield provides effective shielding from environmental electronic noise allowing for high quality electrochemical measurements particularly at very low currents. 

The Faraday Shield is a Faraday cage, designed to be as flexible and convenient as possible for a wide range of electrochemical experiments.

Faraday Shield features include:

  • Conductive-glass window to allow visual inspection without breaking shielding
  • Pass-throughs for cables, feed gas, thermostatic control (water)
  • Electrical isolation from earth ground
  • Adjustable plastic shelf for reducing capacitive effects and changing sample height
  • Ring stand rod for mounting clamps, various connectors, or adapters to hold glassware, cables, or any other laboratory equipment
  • Full flexibility with the assembly due to interchangeability of panels

Product Details

Faraday Cage

The Faraday Shield's coated aluminum panels are designed to withstand to be abrasion and chemically resistant.  The Faraday Shield includes a two-position shelf, four binding post holes for flexible configurations, multiple entry points for cables or gas hose placement, and handles for easy movement. The Faraday Shield is large enough to accommodate our MultiPort Cell and Optical Bench. 

The unit is flat-packed for easier shipping. Assembly can be completed in less than ten minutes with no tools required.

A grounding lug is included for easy connection to the potentiostat's ground. The potentiostat ground must be connected to the Faraday cage for proper shielding.  If the potentiostat is independently connected to an earth ground source, then this ground connection is sufficient to earth the Faraday cage.  If the Faraday Shield™ is connected to a source of earth ground independent the potentiostat it is highly recommended that the potentiostat NOT be connected to another earth source, but only the Faraday Shield. 

The EIS results for an insulating coating on a metal substrate shown on the right illustrate this concept perfectly. The blue dots are without the use of a Faraday cage while the red diamonds are with a Faraday cage. Environmental noise in the form of electromagnetic radiation is easily observable when not using a Faraday cage. 

eis results with faraday shieldBlue dots are without the use of a Faraday cage 
Red diamonds are with a Faraday cage


Part #992-00183



Exterior dimensions (max.)

width: 38 cm (15 inch)

length: 38 cm (15 inch)

height: 45.5 cm (18 inch)

Interior dimensions (max.)

width: 35 cm (13.7 inch)

length: 35 cm (13.7 inch)

height: 41.7 cm (16.4 inch)

Door opening (max.)

width: 28.8 cm (11.3 inch)

height: 40.5 cm (16 inch)

Top opening (max.)

width: 30.2 cm (11.8 inch)

length: 30.2 cm (11.8 inch)

Cable opening (max.)

width: 21 cm (8.2 inch)

height: 2.5 cm (1 inch)

Ring stand rod

length: 40 cm (15.8 inch)

diameter: 12 mm (0.5 inch)

Shelf (max.)

width: 34 cm (13.4 inch)

length: 27.5 cm (10.8 inch)

thickness: 6 mm (1/4 inch)

Glass pane 

width: 21.5 cm (0.85 inch)

length: 36 cm (1.4 inch)

thickness: 4.76 mm (3/16 inch))

conductive coating: about 15 ohms/sq. (on one side only)

Weight (approx.)

Faraday Shield: 7 kg (15.4 lbs)

shelf: 0.5 kg (1.1 lbs)

ring stand rod: 0.12 kg (0.26 lbs)

glass pane: 0.9 kg (2 lbs)


Parts Included

Part number



4mm female banana socket, M4 male screw, insulated, black



Faraday Shield - Bottom Panel



Shelf, polypropylene



Ring stand rod, 12 mm OD, 400 mm length, M6



Thumb screw, plastic, M4 x 10 mm, black



Rubber bumper, 15mm OD, 15 mm height, M4



Side Panel Sub-assembly



Top Panel Sub-assembly


966-00037 Door Panel with Glass Window Sub-assembly



Operator's Manual