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eQCM Quartz Crystal Microbalance

Gamry’s eQCM 10M™ has been replaced with the eQCM 15M


Good instrument.

Rating: 5.0 5 Out of 5 Stars

Organization: Ben Gurion University

Application Area: Electrodeposition

"Very nice instrument. Easy to learn and use. Great analysis software. Has everything I need for electrodeposition studies.
Never used Gamry instruments before. After a few hours we had high quality results."

Incredible instrument.

Rating: 5.0 5 Out of 5 Stars


Application Area: Biopolymers and nanotechnology

"The eQCM is a great product, very robust and is interfaced with intuitive software. The availability of a static and a flow cell are great for testing diverse conditions."

Great instrument, easy to use, very stable

Rating: 5.0 5 Out of 5 Stars

Organization: Rowan University

Application Area: Materials chemistry and energy storage

"I have used several QCM instruments from different manufacturers. I compared several QCM/eQCM instruments on the market and chose the Gamry eQCM based on the price and description of the instrument. I like the instrument very much so far. It is very easy to use, especially for eQCM measurements. The interface for eQCM is simply a plug and use design, avoids any capacitors or filters. The software is very straight forward, my undergraduate students can learn how to use it in less than an hour. The instrument can measure the frequency spectrum over a large range, instead of the oscillation frequency only. However, it can not provide the "damping resistance" value. The signal I obtained is very stable, does not need a Faraday cage . The costumer service after I got this instrument is super and great when I encountered some problems, including phone and email instructions and a quick delivery of a replacement part. There are many online instruction documents and videos, you can learn the technique very quickly if you are not very familiar with QCM. Seems the "four probe" connector is not very robust, but engineering it is obviously a challenge. None of such type of connectors are perfect. Definitely recommend this instrument for research and reaching use."

Such a small but useful, easy to use, practical, Mobile, and stable instrument.

Rating: 4.7 4.7 Out of 5 Stars

Organization: Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Research Center for Natural Sciences, Institute of Materials and Environmental Chemistry

Application Area: electrochemistry, sensors, drug delivery, biosensors, adsorption, inhibition

"The instrument is very stable and dependable. Easy to use and mobile. We have purchased a potentionstat with it so we have a complete system. As research tool for sensors it is quite useful for both static or fluid cells. Now we have a task of applying it for gas sensing tests. We are very satisfied with the system."

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