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Screen Printed Electrodes

Disposable electrochemical sensors based on the technology of screen printing have been designed for economics and practicality. Due to their simplicity, disposability, and short response times, SPEs have been used efficiently.

Gamry currently carries two screen printed electrodes

  • Carbon Screen Printed Electrode

Also available are our Screen Printed Electrode Stands.

Product Details

  • Carbon Screen Printed Electrode Part No. 935-00123
    • 18-pack
    • 2 mm Carbon Working Electrode
    • Carbon Counter Electrode
    • Silver Chloride Reference Electrode
    • Ceramic Substrate


All of our Screen Printed Electrodes are:

  • 1 mm Thick
  • 5 cm Long
  • 1 cm Wide
  • Alumina Substrate
  • Silver Paste Contacts & Leads
  • Chemical Resistant Dielectric Paste Coating

Working Electrode

  • 12 mm2 Area
  • Available in Carbon

 Counter Electrode

  • 30 mm2 Area
  • Carbon Paste

Reference Electrode

  • 0.6 mm2 Area
  • Ag/AgCl paste