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EuroCell Electrochemical Cell Kit


The EuroCell™ is a general-purpose electrochemical cell available in jacketed and unjacketed versions.  The standard kits are ideal for corrosion measurements while the rotated electrode kits that are ideal for rotated disk, ring-disk, and rotating cylinder experiments. 


Product Details


The EuroCell™ operational volume is 50-200 mL. It is equipped with 5 multi-purpose ports. In the normal cell configuration, these ports are used as follows:

  • One central 24/40 ground glass joint for a Working Electrode (corrosion sample or rotated electrode—not included)
  • One Ace-Thread port for a Luggin capillary/bridge tube for use with Gamry’s SCE, Ag/AgCl, and Hg/Hg2SO4 reference electrodes (electrodes ordered separately)
  • One Ace-Thread port for a counter electrode—either a graphite rod or a glass frit isolated platinum wire counter electrode.
  • One 14/20 ground glass port for inert gas purging/blanketing (an adapter is supplied)
  • One 14/20 ground glass port usable for temperature sensing, reagent addition, gas venting, etc.

The Ace-Threads allow for vertical adjustment to accommodate a wide range of sample volumes. The vertical adjustment is also handy to make sure your reference electrode bridge tube is placed close to the surface of your corrosion sample. The bubbler has one position for deaeration and another for blanketing.

The EuroCell™ is available in a jacketed version for temperature control. The temperature can be controlled by pumping thermostatted water from a water bath through the jacket. Rates of (electro)chemical reactions exhibit strong dependence on temperature.

The standard working electrode assembly used in the EuroCell™ is a shorter version of the one in the MultiPort and is described in ASTM G5 - a cylindrical sample that is drilled-and-tapped with a 3-48 UNC Thread. The working electrode is screwed onto the support rod. A PTFE compression gasket insures a leak-free seal.

Working electrodes for the EuroCell™ can be fabricated in your lab, or purchased in virtually any material from Metal Samples (which specializes in corrosion coupons).

Recommended Uses

Corrosion Testing

Traditionally, corrosion experiments are performed in a one-liter flask such as the MultiPort, using electrolyte volumes of 750-1200 mL. The practice of using large volumes has evolved from standardized procedures such as ASTM G5 for Potentiodynamic Anodic Polarization Measurements. The only technical reason to employ high electrolyte volumes is to minimize contamination by the corrosion products.

Single shot tests (Tafel, potentiodynamic, cyclic polarization) that do not involve leaving the sample in solution for many days (or months in the case of slow corroding materials/environments) work just fine in smaller volumes saving on electrolyte use and disposal.

Non-destructive techniques like EIS, EFM and polarization resistance also work great in the EuroCell™...even long term so long as buildup of corrosion products is not an issue.  

Rotated Electrodes

 The EuroCell™’s size and shape are well suited to rotated electrode studies. This is particularly true for rotated cylinders which require a deeper cell than either disk or ring-disk.

The jacketing option for the EuroCell™ is another major plus for RRDE work. While electrochemical rates are strongly influenced by temperature, the temperature dependence can become much greater for catalysts and biomolecules.



Working Volume Between 50 mL and 200 mL
Size Approximately 10 cm diameter by 30 cm high
(including electrodes)


Type 24/40 Standard Taper Ground Glass
Adaptor (S) 24/40 to 8 mm PTFE stopper
Adaptor (R) Taper plug for Rotating electrodes


Type #7 Ace-Thread  - includes a standard reference electrode bridge tube
Reference Electrode Diameter 9 - 11.5 mm (when used with the bridge tube)
Bridge tube termination in electrolyte Unfired porous glass disk, 3.5 mm diameter


Type #7 Ace-Thread
Counter Electrode (S) 15 cm (6 in.) graphite rod
Counter Electrode (R) 0.41 mm diameter platinum wire, approx 150 mm long, includes counter bridge tube


Type    14/20 - equipped with three-way gas flow adapter
(purge, blanket, vent)


Type 14/20 - supplied with several polyethylene stoppers


Wetted Materials Pyrex®, PTFE, unfired porous glass, ACE FETFE, Graphite (S), Platinum (R)
Non-Wetted Materials Above, plus nylon, polypropylene, stainless steel


EuroCell Jacketed Part #990-00203 and Unjacketed Part #990-00196