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Gamry Instruments prides itself on performing accurate EIS.

We publish an Accuracy Contour Plot (ACP) for every instrument we sell. ACPs describe a region of accuracy over a given range of impedances and frequencies under a defined set of conditions.

Generating Accuracy Contour Plots are important in understanding the ranges and limitations of our instruments when performing EIS under typical conditions.  They also can change depending on cable length and signal amplitude.

Reference 620 Plus ACP

(click to enlarge)

The lower impedance limit is useful to know when examining energy storage and conversion devices while the upper impedance limit is useful for corrosion-resistant materials and well-coated samples.


Helpful EIS Instruction Videos, Application Notes and White Papers.

We have committed an entire section of our web site to EIS Resources.

Market Applications we serve

Corrosion & Coatings

Gamry has been at the forefront of electrochemical corrosion testing for instruments with ease of use and reduced acquisition for research.

Battery Testing

Gamry’s floating potentiostats are well suited for battery testing of materials from coin cells to large format cells.  We even have a system for stack testing.  

Fuel Cells

Gamry provides several systems for fuel cell development and testing which include tools designed to improve data analysis and workup. 


Testing for supercapacitors is very similar to testing of batteries, just on a faster time scale.  We have a number of recommended setups for the supercapacitor researcher.


Most sensors are amperometric or impedimetric.  Gamry makes it easy for researchers to generate and analyze data from either of these sensors.


Photovoltaic researchers looking for a complete solution will find Gamry's IMPS/IMVS quite capable of helping the researcher find the answers they need.

Biological Electrochemistry

Gamry provides a suite of flexible electrochemical tools to generate new potential waveforms needed for cutting edge biological applications.