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DigiElch Electrochemical Simulation Software

DigiElch 8 from ElchSoft is an electrochemical simulation program for a wide variety of systems involving charge transfer reactions, adsorption, and charge-coupled chemical reactions such as proton-coupled electron-transfer (PCET).  

Product Details


DigiElch electrochemical simulation software is able to simulate the most common electrode geometries including thin-layer cells. It is even able to perform the exact (two-dimensional) simulation of band and disk microelectrodes. Effects such as IR-drop and/or double-layer charging can be included in all of these simulations. DigiElch can simulate Cyclic Voltammetry, Chronoamperometry, Square Wave Voltammetry, Fourier Transform Voltammetry, and Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy.

DigiElch Standard

  • Fast and accurate simulation of the current response for any user-defined mechanism consisting of charge-transfer steps and first- or second-order chemical reactions.
  • 1D simulation of finite and semi-infinite diffusion processes for the most common 1D-electrode geometries, real 2D-simulations of band and disk electrode.
  • Inclusion of IR-drop and double-layer charging.
  • Two different simulation methods - a fast "fixed grid simulator" and a slower “Adaptive Grid Simulator”.
  • Simulation of amalgam formation with mercury electrodes.
  • Modeling surface adsorption and redox catalysis reactions on electrode surfaces with unprecedented detail.
  • Export of the screen display in Windows meta file format.
  • Export of simulated current curves and concentration profiles into ASCII-files. Several formatting options which enable the exported data to be imported into third-party presentation software.
  • Import of experimental (or re-import of simulated) curves.
  • Improved computational efficiency via parallel processing.
  • Modeling of termolecular charge-transfer reactions such as proton-coupled electron-transfer.

DigiElch Professional

Includes all the features of DigiElch Standard, plus a non-linear regression strategy applied to multiple data files simultaneously to determine thermodynamic and kinetic parameters from your experimental data.

DigiElch Upgrade

Users of DigiElch V4 are eligible for a reduced-rate upgrade to V8.

DigiElch Reference 600/600+/620 and Interface 1010 Module

The optional Reference 600/600+620 and Interface 1010 module adds direct experimental control to DigiElch 8. The experimental setup with DigiElch includes hardware settings for the Reference 600/600+ such as current range, filters and control amplifier bandwidth in addition to experimental details like electrode type, diffusion geometry and chemical species. The files collected in this way are ready for fitting in DigiElch 8 out of the box. They have all the information the simulation requires along with the data. This optional module can be used with either the Standard or Professional version of DigiElch electrochemical simulation software.