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A Potentiostat Buying Guide

How to Buy a Potentiostat

We have updated this useful eBook with all the information you should be considering when looking to purchase the potentiostat for your application. 

  • The Useful Questions section will help answer questions you should ask yourself during the purchasing process.
  • The Basic Information on a potentiostat has a basic schematic showing the internal workings of a potentiostat in simplified terms.
  • Parameters & Applications lists different applications and their requirements to help determine which potentiostat is best for your application.
  • Instrument Components discuses components of the potentiostat and their importance.
  • Accuracy Contour Plot reviews the region in which EIS measurements can be done with specific accuracy.
  • Potentiostat Specifications has a break-down and explanation of the specifications you will find when researching your potentiostat,

Finally the eBook reviews Gamry's Instruments in addition to our new partner, Kolibrik's High-power H2FC potentiostat/galvanostats.

Gamry users cover a vast range of expertise and over half of our new users are new to electrochemistry. Gamry’s products are especially well-suited for newcomers because they are easy to use, very reliable and come with a two-year warranty.

Kolibrik instruments cover the entire life cycle of hydrogen technologies with its products and solutions, from basic and applied research, to testing and prototypes and to target applications.