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Dr. Bob's Cell

The Dr. Bob's Cell™ is our smallest electrochemical cell kit, with operational volumes of 1-30 mL.  Enzyme and catalysis studies, development of electrochemical sensors, basic research into battery mechanisms, and determination of redox potentials of inorganic complexes represent a few of its many applications.  Designed for flexibility and convenience, this cell kit can hold any of Gamry’s available working electrodes.  It's available in both a non-jacketed model and a jacketed version for temperature control.

Product Details


Dr. Bob's Cell utilizes a pear-shaped flask which permits handling low volumes (down to 1-2 mL*). It is equipped with 5 multi-purpose ports. In the normal cell configuration, these ports are used as follows:

  • One central Ace-Thread port for a Working Electrode (ordered separately)
  • One Ace-Thread port for a Luggin capillary/bridge tube for use with Gamry’s SCE, Ag/AgCl, and Hg/Hg2SO4 reference electrodes (electrodes ordered separately)
  • One Ace-Thread port for a glass frit isolated platinum wire counter electrode (a wire is supplied)
  • One 14/20 ground glass port for inert gas purging/blanketing (an adapter is supplied)
  • One 14/20 ground glass port usable for temperature sensing, reagent addition, gas venting, etc.

The Ace-Threads allow for vertical adjustment to accommodate a wide range of sample volumes. Because the Dr. Bob’s Cell uses standard joints and fittings, you can easily customize it for specific applications. The bubbler has one position for deaeration and another for blanketing. We include a 2 x 6 mm PTFE magnetic spin bar with all kits. A jacketed model is available for temperature control. The non-jacketed model includes a stand.

Working Electrodes are available in Platinum, Carbon (Glassy or Fiber), and Gold. They may be obtained in either a macro version with a 3 mm diameter or as a microelectrode with a 10 micron diameter. The macro electrodes have a Kel-F body and all electrodes are tested prior to shipment by running a cyclic voltammogram on a ferricyanide sample.

*Note that for working in volumes below 5 mL some modifications may be necessary to the standard setup; e.g. removal of the counter bridge tube.



Working Volume Between 1 mL and 30 mL
Size Approximately 10 cm diameter by 30 cm high
(including electrodes)


Type #7 Ace-Thred
Electrode Diameter Supports 6.5 mm to 7.5 mm diameter electrode bodies
Electrode Length For work with small volumes, length must be at least 11 cm
Macro Electrodes Glassy carbon, gold, and platinum (3 mm diameter)
Micro Electrodes 10 μm gold and platinum electrodes and 11 μm carbon fiber


Type #7 Ace-Thred  - includes a standard reference electrode bridge tube
Reference Electrode Diameter 9 - 11.5 mm (when used with the bridge tube)
Bridge tube termination in electrolyte Unfired Porous Glass disk, 3.5 mm diameter


Type #7 Ace-Thred  – comes equipped with fritted glass isolation tube
Counter Electrode  0.41 mm diameter platinum wire, approx 150 mm long


Type    14/20 - equipped with three-way gas flow adapter (purge, blanket, vent)


Type 14/20 - supplied with several polyethylene stoppers


Wetted Materials Pyrex®, PTFE, unfired Porous Glass, ACE FETFE, Platinum, Polyethylene
Non-Wetted Materials Above, plus nylon


Dr. Bob's Cell

Non-jacketed model Part #990-00193
Jacketed Part #990-00200


Parts available for the Dr. Bob's Cell include: