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Electrochemical sensors date back many years and span a range of applications from the oxygen sensors in your automobiles to glucose sensors to carbon monoxide sensors. Even wearable technology has begun incorporating electrochemical sensors for continuous tracking and monitoring of physiological parameters for a variety of conditions. Gamry’s expertise in electrochemical instrumentation and specifically electrochemical impedance spectroscopy means that you will get more reliable results in less time, leaving you to concentrate on the development of your technology.

Gamry Advantages

Most sensors are amperometric or impedimetric.  Gamry makes it easy for researchers to generate and analyze data from either of these sensors.  We also have a quartz crystal microbalance for mass-based sensing when studying binding events.  

Gamry Expertise

The best Gamry system for sensors is whatever system works best for a given researcher. The easiest thing to do is to call or email us to discuss what research is planned, and we can help point to a setup that will do what you need and, if need be, that is within budget.

Recommended Setup

Recommended Sensor Systems

  • Reference 620 – best for fast, very sensitive current measurements
  • Reference 3000 w/Aux Electrometer – excellent choice for EIS with multiple sense pickups
  • eQCM 15M – quartz crystal microbalance that works with any of the Gamry Interface or Reference Potentiostats for for mass-based sensing or for more fundamental research on sensors.  
  • DigiElch – simulation software, ideal for CV, but more powerful than just that.

For impedimetric sensors, we have several potentiostats that would work. The Interface 1010E is an impedance capable potentiostat as well as the Reference 620.  If very low current capabilities are needed (pA or less), then the Reference 620 is the ideal choice. Some researchers may benefit from a multiplexer  to increase sample throughput.