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IMX8 Electrochemical Multiplexer

The IMX8™ Electrochemical Multiplexer is an affordable way to expand the throughput of your lab. Experiments can be sequentially multiplexed on up to 8 channels. The IMX8™ is ideal for corrosion inhibitor testing, EIS evaluation of paints/coatings, monitoring of field probes for corrosion tests, and chemical sensor development.

Key features include:

  • 8-channel for sequential measurements
  • DC and AC experiments
  • Industry standard multiplexed experiments

Product Details


The IMX8™ Electrochemical Multiplexer partners with a Gamry Potentiostat to convert a single potentiostat into a powerful instrument suitable for sequential multichannel operations. It allows you to sequentially take measurements on up to eight electrochemical cells. The IMX8™ Multiplexer is great for automating repetitive experiments, and for increasing throughput on long-term experiments where data can be taken periodically. Each of the eight Multiplexer channels also incorporates a "local" potentiostat to polarize the sample when not participating in the electrochemical experiment. The IMX8™ is not usable for simultaneous multichannel experiments across multiple cells. For simultaneous multichannel experiments see the multichannel potentiostat.

*Note that EIS through the multiplexer is limited to 100 kHz


  • Corrosion Inhibitor Testing
  • Paint/Coating Evaluation
  • Galvanic Corrosion
  • Corrosion Monitoring
  • Chemical Sensor Development

Standard Features

  • 8-channel for sequential measurements.
  • DC and AC experiments.
  • Includes industry standard multiplexed experiments.
  • 8 Local Potentiostats – Inactive channels can be set to open, short, or polarized.
  • Compatible with Interface 1010/1000 and Reference 600+/620 Potentiostats
  • Warranty – Protected by 2-year factory service warranty.



Number of Channels 8
Operation Modes Active, Off, Local Pstat, Shorted
Channel Switching Time <10 ms 
Maximum Cell Current 1 A
Current Leakage to Active Channel Pin From Any Source < 2 nA 
Impedance to Chassis Ground >500 MΩ || < 20 pF


Compliance Current  +/- 30 mA (@500 Ω load) 
Compliance Voltage +/- 9.5 V (@1 kΩ load)
Applied Voltage Range +/- 4.9V
Resolution (16-bit) 78.125 uV / bit  
Reference Input Current < 50 pA


Input Voltage 48V
Input Current 2.1 A