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Spectro & Photo Electrochemistry

We have discontinued selling the follow items shown on this page -  115U, 115E and iRaman

Spectroelectrochemistry is the combination of reaction-oriented electrochemistry with species-focused spectroscopy. Spectroelectrochemistry (SEC) allows a more complete analysis of single and multiple electron-transfer processes.

Gamry offers 3 systems UV/VIS, Raman Spectroscopy and Dye Solar Cell Testing.

  • Raman Spectroelectrochemical Cell Kit2

    Raman Glass Cell Kit

    • Spectroelectrochemical Cell Kit
    • Utilizes an immersion probe for measurements in liquids
  • Raman Cuvette Cell Kit

    Raman Cuvette Cell Kit

    • Raman ITO Cuvette Cell Kit
    • One of 2 available Spectroelectrochemical Cell Kits for the Raman Spectrometers
  • IMPS IMVS with dummy cell set up

    Dye Solar Cell Testing

    • Learn recombination and charge-extraction characteristics in your DSSC
    • Use any color LED
  • UV Vis Cuvette Cell Kit

    UV-Vis Cuvette Cell Kit

    • Spectroelectrochemical Cell Kit #990-00320
    • For use with the UV-Vis Spectrometers
    • Standard quartz cuvette, 10 mm pathlength