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Reference 3000, Reference 3000 Auxiliary Electrometer, Interface 1000, Interface 1010, Reference 600, Reference 600+, Reference 620, Reference 30K, Booster, EIS Box, Pourch Cell Holder, Universal Battery Holder, EIS300, DC105, PHE200, PWR800, PV200, ECHEM Toolkit, ESA410, VPF600, EFM140, CPT100, EN120, eQCM 10M, Dr. Bob's Cell, Eurocell, Flexcell, Multiport, Paracell, PTC1, Portholes, ECM8, VistaShield, MultEchem, Framework, Explain, Sequence Wizard, OptiEIS, Autofit, Spectro-115E, and Spectro-115U are trademarks of Gamry Instruments, Inc.  The QCM-I, QCM-I Mini and the eQCM-I Mini are trademarks of MicroVacuum.