Instrument Accessories

  • Multiplexer Stacked

    ECM8™ Electrochemical Multiplexer

    • Sequentially multiplex experiments on up to 8 channels with ECM8 Multiplexer
    • Ideal for corrosion inhibitor testing, EIS evaluation of paints/coatings, monitoring of field probes for corrosion tests, chemical sensor development
  • RDE710 Rotating Electrode with Cell

    RDE710 Rotating Electrode

    • Research-grade rotator
    • Ability to use rotating ring-disk, disk and cylinder electrodes
    • Corrosion, Catalyst Development, Fuel Cell Research Applications
  • TDC4 temperature controller

    TDC4 Temperature Controller

    • Interfaces with Gamry Potentiostats
    • Controls both heating and cooling process
  • faraday cage

    VistaShield™ Faraday Cage

    • Provides effective shielding from environmental electronic noise
    • Allows for high quality electrochemical measurements at very low currents