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Setup & Use of Gamry Products

Answers to questions that go beyond setup and basic device information.

Reference Electrode Performance Evaluation

Posted by gamry on November 9, 2021

OverviewOccasionally, electrochemical experiments can yield unpredictable data from excess noise, overloads, oscillations, and spikes in the measured signal, amongst other issues.

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Current Ranges- Fixed vs. Autoranging

Posted by gamry on April 25, 2017

We often get asked by users whether they should use autoranging or run on a fixed range when performing an experiment.

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Reference Electrode Care Overview

Posted by gamry on August 29, 2016

Gamry sells the Saturated Calomel Reference Electrode and Silver-Silver Chloride Reference Electrode.   Proper reference electrode care must be taken to ensure continued accurate measurements.

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Disabling the Sleep Function on Windows Machines

Posted by gamry on November 6, 2015

When running experiments in Framework for an extended period, it is highly recommended to disable the Sleep feature of the computer.

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How to Authorize Software Packages in Framework

Posted by gamry on April 14, 2014

Authorization Codes activate your Gamry Software to work with your potentiostat.   Each of the software packages has a package name (e. g.

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Step-by-Step Firmware Update for Interface and Reference Family Instruments

Posted by gamry on April 14, 2014

After updating Framework to a more recent version, you may be prompted to update the firmware on your instruments.

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How do I copy and paste graphs and data from Echem Analyst?

Posted by gamry on September 14, 2012

The “Copy to clipboard” button is located on the toolbar of the Chart tab when your data file is displayed in Echem Analyst.

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