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Step-by-Step Firmware Update for Interface and Reference Family Instruments

After updating Framework to a more recent version, you may be prompted to update the firmware on your instruments. To begin, make sure the instruments that need a firmware update are powered on and connected to the computer via the USB cable. This guide is valid for all Reference and Interface family instruments

1.  In Framework go to the ‘Options’ tab and select ‘Instrument Manager’. Here you will see all of the instruments connected to the computer. The devices that require a firmware update will have a white light next to their name, and the status will read ‘Firmware Update Required’

firmware update fig1

Figure 1: The instrument manager will show a white circle and indicate a firmware update is needed in the status for the relevant instruments. The ‘Update Firmware’ button is highlighted in red

2. Select the instrument that requires the update and then click the orange ‘Update Firmware’ button located in the upper left of the Instrument Manager window. Another window will pop-up

3.  In the Firmware Update window that appears, click the upper of the two ‘Update’ buttons corresponding to the ‘Instrument Firmware Version’ line. A new window will pop-up

Only the Instrument Firmware will be updated. The Communications Firmware will remain as is unless instructed otherwise

4.  The Select Instrument Firmware window should open to C:\Program Files (x86)\Gamry Instruments\Firmware. Here you will see the relevant firmware file. It will be either Interface Family Instrument Firmware Version 3.XX.bin for Interface family instruments, or Reference Family Instrument Firmware Version 3.XX.bin for Reference family instruments. Select and open this file.


firmware update fig2

Figure 2: After selecting 'Update' the Instrument Manager will allow you to select the necessary firmware file. It will show only the correct firmware for the instrument family you are using

5.  The firmware update process will run through 8 steps. The USB light on the instrument will turn red during these steps. A pop-up window will inform you when the process is complete

firmware update fig3

Figure 3: Once you open the firmware file the instrument will begin the update process. DO NOT disconnect the instrument's power or USB

The firmware is now updated. This is confirmed if the circle next to the instrument turns green.

You will need to recalibrate the instrument after the update is complete