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Getting Started with Gamry Software

Setting Up Your Experiment

Your First Experiment: Cyclic Charge Discharge

Posted by gamry on October 30, 2019

The purpose of this test is to apply a constant current to batteries, super capacitors, or electrode materials in order to charge and discharge between defined voltage limits.

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How to Run Your First Experiment

Posted by gamry on June 7, 2019

Start by launching the Gamry Framework application. Framework is used to control the potentiostat for the majority of electrochemistry experiments. The user can calibrate their potentiostat by selecting Experiment > Utilities > Calibrate Instrument. Common experiments are listed on the Experiment menu, sorted by their application.

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How to Change the Setup and Editor Fonts in Gamry Framework

Posted by Dan Cook on October 17, 2014

It is possible to quickly customize the size and style of the font in Gamry Framework. The size adjustment is useful if you are using a low resolution monitor that cannot display the entire setup box if using the standard font defaults.

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Getting Started With Your First Experiment: Potentiostatic EIS

Posted by Dan Cook on July 28, 2014

Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) is a powerful technique that utilizes a small amplitude, alternating current (AC) signal to probe the impedance characteristics of a cell.

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Getting Started With Your First Experiment: DC105 Corrosion Techniques- Polarization Resistance

Posted by Dan Cook on July 28, 2014

Linear polarization resistance (LPR) is a quick, nondestructive testing technique commonly used in material corrosion studies to gain corrosion rate data.

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Common Hardware/Software Error Messages

Posted by gamry on March 10, 2014

A list of and brief explanation of commonly seen error messages

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Troubleshooting a Failed Calibration

Posted by gamry on March 6, 2014

What you should do if you get a warning during calibration

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Basic Explanation of Overloads

Posted by gamry on March 3, 2014

Short description of the various overloads that can occur in Framework

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Data File and Script Locations

Posted by gamry on September 13, 2012

Locations and descriptions of the file types used by Gamry Software

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