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What are the file types used by Gamry Software?

Software Basic explanation: Overloads


This is the preferred extension for raw data acquired by Gamry Framework software.  The file contains only tab-separated raw text and can be opened in any text editor or spreadsheet program.  Opening with Echem Analyst triggers the appropriate analysis script to launch, and the data is displayed in visual format.


This is the format for already analyzed data from Echem Analyst.  It is binary format and only compatible with Echem Analyst.  The file can store overlaid data, fitted curves, customized axes information, and additional analysis tabs.


The files are saved sequences from the Gamry Sequence Wizard inside Framework.


Set files contain saved sets of experiment parameters, filed within the text-based Set file according to the Set Name.  They can be created or loaded by clicking Save or Restore on any Framework experiment setup window.


Often called simply “scripts”, the files contain instructional code in the Gamry EXPLAIN scripting language.  These files contain instructions for running experiments and displaying data.  The source code can be viewed and edited inside Gamry Framework or any text-editing program.  Customized scripts can be launched by selecting Experiment / Named Script… within the Framework software.


The files are used by Echem Analyst to perform analysis routines on DTA formatted data files acquired with Gamry Framework.  They contain binary code in the VBA language.


MDL files are model files used by the EIS300 equivalent circuit modeling feature.  They can be created, modified, and saved using the Model Editor from the EIS300 menu in Echem-Analyst.