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Energy Storage and Conversion

electrochemical energy application notes

Batteries-Supercaps-Fuel Cells-DSSC

Batteries, supercaps, fuel cells, and [dye sensitized] solar cells have some similar characteristics: they are low impedance devices with large surface areas often made using highly porous electrodes.  So similar techniques are useful and similar issues can arise.

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Compliance Voltage: How Much is Enough

Posted by gamry on September 8, 2021

IntroductionThe compliance voltage of a potentiostat is the maximum voltage that the potentiostat can apply to the counter electrode in order to control the desired voltage in the electrochemical cell.

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Demystifying Transmission Lines: What Are They? Why Are They Useful?

Posted by gamry on July 26, 2013

IntroductionPorous electrodes offer a high surface area to volume or weight ratio which is highly beneficial to a number of energy generation or storage devices. (e. g.

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