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How to Authorize Software Packages in Framework

Authorization Codes activate your Gamry Software to work with your potentiostat.  Each of the software packages has a package name (e.g. “DC105” for DC Corrosion Techniques) and a 10-digit Authorization Code that is linked to the serial number of your instrument.

If you are setting up a MultEchem System follow the instructions here

The software packages purchased and associated authorization codes can be found on the packing slip.

 1.  Open Framework and go to the ‘Options’ tab and select ‘Instrument Manager’. A new window will pop-up

2.  The Instrument Manager window will show you the connected potentiostats. The ‘Status’ column will show you which packages have been authorized for the instrument (eg. ‘Ready: DC105’ means the DC105 Corrosion Package is authorized). To add an authorization code, select the instrument and click the ‘Device Settings’ button. A new window will pop-up


authorize software packages

Figure 1: Instrument Manager window showing the connected instruments and their authorized software packages. The 'Device Settings' button is highlighted in red

3.  On the Device Settings window you can add or edit authorization codes for the instrument. To authorize a new package select ‘Add’. A new window will pop-up

4.  The Authorization Code Entry window will have a ‘Package’ box where the package name is entered (eg. DC105, PHE200, EIS300, and PV220). Enter the 10 digit code associated with this package in the ‘Authorization Code’ box. Click ‘OK’

5.  The Device Manager ‘Status’ column will reflect this change. The package authorized will appear next to the ‘Ready’. The instrument is now ready to run the package