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Using “vs. OCP” for Potentials Set in the Sequence Wizard

Sequence Wizard Main Screen

The Sequence Wizard includes steps to produce many of the same experiments that you can access from the main Experiment menu.  However, the sequencer steps do not automatically carry out the open circuit potential measurement.  If you plan to run an experiment with a potential “vs. Eoc”, you must be sure to include an Open Circuit Potential step somewhere in your sequence.  The Sequence Wizard will utilize this value in all following steps that require referencing an open circuit potential.  For example: A sequence includes the steps Open Circuit Potential, Polarization Resistance, and Potentiostatic EIS.  The Polarization Resistance and Potentiostatic EIS potentials are set with potentials “vs. Eoc”.  Both steps will use the Eoc established by the Open Circuit Potential step.