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Field Powering Your USB Potentiostat

Interface 1000 back panelA number of users bring potentiostats into the field and need a reliable source of short term power for experiments.  All of our USB potentiostats run from 120V AC wall outlets, but with varying power requirements.

An AC power inverter is required to run the potentiostat from automotive or marine batteries.  Gamry has not tested specific inverter products, but generally a unit that can supply 750 watts continuous will be able to run the instrument.  Products by Tripp-Lite, such as those from the POWERVERTER Series are designed for heavy-duty operation connecting directly to an automotive battery.  Marine batteries, however, are designed for deep cycle operation and are better suited for longer use of the potentiostat in the field.  Always use the power transformer block and cable that came with your USB instrument.  Damage could result from connecting any power source directly to the back of the potentiostat.