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David Loveday
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David Loveday

OEM Sales Manager

David Loveday grew up in Kent near London in the United Kingdom and received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Bristol, focusing on electrochemistry.  He also earned his Bachelor’s in Chemistry and Master’s degree in Surface and Colloid Science at Bristol.

Dave's Ph.D. research used electrochemical techniques with a Quartz Crystal Microbalance to study electroactive polymer films, investigating the transfer of ions and solvent.

Dave came to the US for a post-doctoral appointment at the University of Texas at Dallas where  he worked as the Electrochemical Expert in Dr. John Ferraris' lab, in which the primary research effort was directed at conductive polymers for electrochromic and energy storage applications.

Dave joined Gamry Instruments in 2001 and he has been intimately involved in sales and technical support process at Gamry Instruments.  Initially he was the main contact for US sales.   Later, he managed the International sales network which grew to be a significant portion of Gamry business.  He is now helping companies with integration of Gamry potentiostats with their systems.


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