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Jerome Babauta
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Jerome Babauta

Marketing Manager

Jerome grew up in Saipan, CNMI until he moved to Issaquah, WA. He attended Washington State University in Pullman WA where he received a B.S. in Chemical Engineering. He also received a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering at Washington State University studying electron transfer in biofilms. As a part of the graduation requirement, Jerome held a summer internship with Gamry Instruments in 2012 where he learned to appreciate the instrumentation behind electrochemical measurement. 

Jerome’s expertise is in both biofilm engineering and the application of electrochemical techniques to study electrochemically active biofilms. He has used microsensors, rotating electrodes, quartz crystal microbalance in combination with electrochemical impedance spectroscopy to correlate biofilm impedance with biofilm growth in situ. He has published several papers on this topic and is also a co-editor on a book covering this topic: “Biofilms in Bioelectrochemical Systems: From Laboratory Practice to Data Interpretation”.

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