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Pouch Cell Holder

The Pouch Cell Holder™ allows the researcher to connect a large variety of pouch cells to Gamry Instruments’ potentiostats. High currents, up to 30A, may be passed through the battery holder, without danger of destroying the holder. The Pouch Cell Holder allows four-point measurements, and is usable with all Gamry Instruments potentiostats, including the 30k Booster.

Product Details

Connecting the Pouch Cell Holder to Gamry Instruments:

General Gamry Instruments Potentiostats

Standard 4-mm banana-plug receptacles are mounted on the front edge of the holder to connect to your potentiostat. A dual receptacle or pin connection is available for the reference electrode. Be sure to remove the plastic guard from the pin on the reference connection before use. For the Reference™ 600+ Potentiostat, we supply 4-mm-to-2-mm adapters.

30k Booster

The Pouch Cell Holder is compatible with Gamry Instruments’ 30k Booster™ for high-current work. Connect the Booster to the Holder via the threaded connections to the Working Electrode (WE) and Counter Electrode (CE). Place the Booster’s connectors between the copper washers, and lock the connectors in place with the nuts. Use the M8 wrench (spanner) supplied with your 30k Booster to loosen and tighten the nuts



Width × Length × Height: 320 mm × 230 mm × 60 mm (12.60”× 9.05” × 2.36”)
Weight: 450 g (1 lb.)
Maximum current rating: 30 A
Maximum operational temperature:  80°C (176°F)
Relative Humidity: 90% (non-condensing)
Storage and Shipping Temperature: –40 to 75°C