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Electrochemical Instrumentation

Application Notes on Electrochemical Instrumentation


Some of the notes below cover potentiostats in general and others are for Gamry Instruments systems specifically.  Click on a link below to download the PDF version of the Application or Technical Note.

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Multiplexed Biofilm Enrichment

Posted by gamry on October 31, 2022

IntroductionThe use of an electrochemical multiplexer allows researchers to increase throughput without having to purchase additional potentiostats.

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Comprehensive cell impedance measurements using the Interface 5000E potentiostat’s dual electrometer

Posted by gamry on May 11, 2022

IntroductionWe often hear positive feedback from our users on the Reference 3000 potentiostat with Auxiliary Electrometer (AE).

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Faraday Cage: What Is It? How Does It Work?

Posted by gamry on June 29, 2021

IntroductionIt is a well-known fact among electrochemists that a Faraday cage is used to reduce noise.

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Two, Three and Four Electrode Experiments

Posted by gamry on May 25, 2020

The number of electrodes (or probes) used
two, three, four electrode.

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Using the Interface 5000 Dual Electrometer

Posted by gamry on February 27, 2020

Measuring both half cellsThis Technical Note is meant to show users how the Dual Electrometer feature of the Interface 5000 can help you make simultaneous measurements on both half cells…

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Checking the Integrity of a Gamry Cell Cable

Posted by gamry on December 20, 2019


Of all the components of a Gamry Instruments system, the cell cable is the one that is constantly being flexed and exposed to corrosive environments.

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Troubleshooting Your Gamry Potentiostat

Posted by gamry on September 11, 2019

IntroductionThe Calibration Cell is a printed-circuit board used for calibration and troubleshooting of your Gamry Instruments potentiostat, and is supplied with every Gamry Instruments potentiostat.

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Rapid Biphasic Pulsing

Posted by gamry on February 1, 2019

IntroductionOccasionally you may need to make your potentiostat emit rapid pulses for your experimental work. For example, neuroscientists sometimes use such pulsing for experiments with neurons.

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Cable-Capacitance Correction

Posted by gamry on December 18, 2018

What is it? Why do we care?

The individual conductors in the cell cable of the potentiostat are made up of coaxial cables.

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