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Common Hardware/Software Error Messages


Getting Started with Gamry Software

  • Not authorized on this potentiostat:  the potentiostat is missing one or more Authorization Codes necessary to unlock the experiment
  • VRUPDN.New: Signal Invalid:  in the context of a CV experiment this means that the scan limits are in the wrong order.  Initial cannot be equal to Scan Limit 1, Scan Limit 1 cannot be equal to Scan Limit 2, but Scan Limit 2 can be equal to Final.
  • Firmware mismatch:  the potentiostat has a firmware version that is not compatible with the installed Framework version.  Either update to the latest version of the software and install firmware, or contact us.
  • Mux: Not Open: the software can't establish communication with the ECM8 Multiplexer.  This is generally caused by an incorrect COM port being utilized.  Contact Gamry for assistance.
  • Mux: Error on COM65535:  the software can't establish communication with the ECM8 Multiplexer.  This is caused by incorrect settings for the COM port.  Contact Gamry for assistance.
  • Vac too small:  the measured AC signal is too small, and , most likely culprit is an open connection between the sample or a faulty cell cable.
  • Pstat device list empty:  no instruments have been detected by the Framework software, and thus the experiment setup window cannot load.
  • Reply_timeout: there has been a loss of communication between the host computer and the USB potentiostat.  This can be caused by a bad USB cable or electrostatic shock in very dry conditions.  Turn off the instrument and disconnect the USB cable for 10 seconds to establish communication again.

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Echem Analyst:

  • No CURVE found in data file:  the data file is missing the section where data points are stored, but has all other setup information.  This can happen if the experiment ends unexpectedly or is aborted prematurely.
  • Unable to open specified Analysis Script:  before version 5.63 it was possible to install only some of the analysis scripts.  You will receive this error if you try to view data files for which the analysis script is not installed.  All versions: you can receive this error if viewing a data file that requires custom analysis scripts but the scripts have not been properly assigned in the custom analysis script database file.
  • Not a valid Gamry Data file:  the data file is not in the Gamry format, or is corrupted.



  • GamryCOM error  “Error -2146959355 occurred at Server execution failed in”:  indicates that Framework software is open when trying to run a COM application.