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We have compiled this database of articles where people have used a Gamry System in their research. Search by Author, Publication Title, Publisher, Year Published or simply by relevant keywords. The Abstract of the article will be available with a link to the complete publication.

If you have published an article using a Gamry Instruments System and do not see it in this list, send an email to us with Title, Abstract and link and we will gladly add it to our database.

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Hybrid electrolytes with 3D bicontinuous ordered ceramic and polymer microchannels for all-solid-state batteries
By Stefanie Zekoll§, Cassian Marriner-Edwards§, A. K. Ola Hekselman¶, Jitti Kasemchainan, Christian Kuss, David E. J. Armstrong, Dongyu Cai||, Robert J. Wallace, Felix H. Richter, Job H. J. Thijssen and Peter G. Bruce
Control of oxygen vacancies in ZnO nanorods by annealing and their influence on ZnO/PEDOT:PSS diode behaviour
By Ying Tu, Shuqun Chen, Xuan Li, Jelena Gorbaciova, William P. Gillin, Steffi Krause and Joe Briscoe
A novel IrNi@PdIr/C core–shell electrocatalyst with enhanced activity and durability for the hydrogen oxidation reaction in alkaline anion exchange membrane fuel cells
By Bowen Qin, Hongmei Yu, Jia Jia, Chi Jun, Xueqiang Gao, Dewei Yao, Xinye Sun, Wei Song, Baolian Yi and Zhigang Shao
Heteroatomic TexS1−x molecule/C nanocomposites as stable cathode materials in carbonate-based electrolytes for lithium–chalcogen batteries
By Fugen Sun, Bo Zhang, Hao Tang, Zhihao Yue, Xiaomin Li, Chuanqiang Yin and Lang Zhou
Co oxide nanostructures for electrocatalytic water-oxidation: effects of dimensionality and related properties
By S. Gupta, A. Yadav, S. Bhartiya, M. K. Singh, A. Miotello, A. Sarkar and N. Patel
Efficient ORR electrocatalytic activity of peanut shell-based graphitic carbon microstructures
By Yanling Wu, Yanli Chen, Huiqiu Wang, Chiming Wang, Ansheng Wang, Shuai Zhao, Xiyou Li, Daofeng Sun and Jianzhuang Jiang
A scalable ternary SnO2–Co–C composite as a high initial coulombic efficiency, large capacity and long lifetime anode for lithium ion batteries
By Tao Liang, Renzong Hu, Houpo Zhang, Hanyin Zhang, Hui Wang, Yunpeng Ouyang, Jun Liu, Lichun Yang and Min Zhu
Highly active and stable electrocatalyst of Ni2P nanoparticles supported on 3D ordered macro-/mesoporous Co–N-doped carbon for acidic hydrogen evolution reaction
By Tingting Sun, Jing Dong, Yan Huang, Wu Ran, Jianfeng Chen and Lianbin Xu
Sunlight-charged heterojunction TiO2 and WO3 particle-embedded inorganic membranes for night-time environmental applications
By Dong Suk Han, Rand Elshorafa, Sun Hee Yoon, Seonghun Kim, Hyunwoong Park and Ahmed Abdel-Wahab
Synthesis and photocatalytic activity of BiOBr nanosheets with tunable crystal facets and sizes
By Yuwei Mi, Haiping Li, Yongfang Zhang, Na Du and Wanguo Hou

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