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Low-cost sample holder with flooded gasket prevents crevice corrosion in pitting corrosion tests

By Edgar C. Hornus, Marti­n A. Rodri­guez, Mariano A. Kappes
Published in Corrosion Corrosion 2022


This work describes an inexpensive holder for corrosion experiments, developed to avoid crevice corrosion during pitting corrosion tests of corrosion-resistant alloys. It is based on a flooded gasket, incorporated in a Stern-Makrides sample holder. Unlike the Avesta cell designed by Qvarfort, the proposed sample holder does not require a pump. The sample holder attaches to prismatic or cylindrical specimens cut from bars, plates or any other component with thickness greater than 10 mm. The sample holder is versatile and with no limitations on chloride concentration, solution composition or temperature. The testing solution can be deaerated or saturated with any gas if needed. The sample holding method was validated by cyclic potentiodynamic polarization experiments on Types 304, 316 stainless steel and C-22HS nickel-base alloy. Crevice corrosion was not evident in any of the specimens tested with the proposed method.