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Reference 3000 Accuracy Contour Plot

Higher Accuracy as demonstrated by accuracy contour plots.

The Accuracy Contour Plot gives you valuable information about a potentiostat’s EIS performance and accuracy. It allows you to compare the Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy capability of any potentiostat.

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Quartz Crystal Microbalance
with Dissipation

Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation (QCMD) gives you new insight into surface processes. Not only do you get frequency at multiple overtones with the QCM-I products but you also get dissipation at each of those overtones.

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Open-Source Scripting for easy customization, supporting unique experiments and set ups.

Gamry Instruments has long given you the ability to modify your standard experiments as needed, or even develop your own experiments. All of our experimental scripts are written using an open-source scripting language, developed by Gamry, called Explain™.

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Technical Resources

Laboratory Course in Electrochemistry

Make impedance measurements on up to eight batteries

The EIS Box is a multiplexed eight channel instrument designed for impedance measurements on batteries (or other devices such as supercapacitors or fuel cells) and is typically used in conjunction with a battery cycler.

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