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Open-Source Scripting

Open-Source Scripting and Custom Applications

Custom Applications and Open-Source Scripting

Gamry’s software includes all of the traditional techniques and then some. Our software includes over 85 standard techniques and numerous custom techniques. Our own Open-Source Scripting language allows you to modify any technique available. We also have eChem Toolkits that provide you with the ability to utilize development environments such as LabVIEW, C, C++, C+, Python and Visual Basic to develop your own applications. Numerous examples are provided to get you started.

Writing the experimental techniques in an open-source scripting language means that Gamry can easily modify any experiment to your needs. Perhaps you’re only interested in acquiring data for the last 100 seconds of a 10 hour potentiostatic hold. Maybe you want to automatically calculate a corrosion rate and tabulate the results for a series of repetitive experiments. Maybe you want to automatically write the results to a database. Gamry’s flexibility allows you to do all of these and more.

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