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We have compiled this database of articles where people have used a Gamry System in their research. Search by Author, Publication Title, Publisher, Year Published or simply by relevant keywords. The Abstract of the article will be available with a link to the complete publication.

If you have published an article using a Gamry Instruments System and do not see it in this list, send an email to us with Title, Abstract and link and we will gladly add it to our database.

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Introducing catalyst in alkaline membrane for improved performance direct borohydride fuel cells
By Qin, Haiying; Lin, Longxia; Chu, Wen; Jiang, Wei; He, Yan; Shi, Qiao; Deng, Yonghong; Ji, Zhenguo; Liu, Jiabin; Tao, Shanwen
Silicon-bridged triphenylamine-based organic dyes for efficient dye-sensitised solar cells
By Lyons, Ciaran; Dev, Pratibha; Maji, Pathik; Rathi, Neelima; Surolia, Praveen K.; Byrne, Owen; Xiao, Xinxin; English, Niall J.; Magner, Edmond; MacElroy, J. M. D.; Thampi, K. Ravindranathan
Free-standing carbon nanotubes as non-metal electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution reaction in water splitting
By Ali, Abid; Aky
Polymer-clay nanocomposite coatings as efficient, environment-friendly surface pretreatments for aluminum alloy 2024-T3
By Suarez-Martinez, Pilar C.; Robinson, Jerome; An, Hyosung; Nahas, Robert C.; Cinoman, Douglas; Lutkenhaus, Jodie L.
Nanostar morphology of plasmonic particles strongly enhances photoelectrochemical water splitting of TiO2 nanorods with superior incident photon-to-current conversion efficiency in visible/near-infrared region
By Wang, Lingyun; Wang, Yu; Schmuki, Patrik; Kment, Stepan; Zboril, Radek
Copper incorporated in Li3V2(PO4)3/C cathode materials and its effects on high-rate Li-ion batteries
By Yan, Ji; Fang, Hua; Jia, Xiaodong; Wang, Lizhen
Effect of thermal treatment and fluoride ions on the electrochemical corrosion behavior of selective laser melted CoCrW alloy
By Lu, Yanjin; Guo, Sai; Yang, Yang; Liu, Yujing; Zhou, Yu; Wu, Songquan; Zhao, Chaoqian; Lin, Jinxin
Synthesis of highly branched conducting polymer architecture for electrochromic applications
By Soganci, Tugba; Gumusay, Ogun; Soyleyici, Hakan Can; Ak, Metin
Beneficial effect of shot peening on steamside oxidation of 300-series austenitic steels: An electrochemical study
By Bystriansk
N-doped yolk-shell hollow carbon sphere wrapped with graphene as sulfur host for high-performance lithium-sulfur batteries
By Zhang, Yongzheng; Sun, Kai; Liang, Zhan; Wang, Yanli; Ling, Licheng

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