Synthesis and electrochemical properties of nickel oxide as anodes for lithium-ion batteries

By Ortiz, Mariela G.; Visintin, Arnaldo; Real, Silvia G.
Published in Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 2020


A simple, green, cheap and scalable approach to fabricate nickel oxides materials has been developed in this work. The synthesis was via a facile two-step route, the nickel hydroxide is obtained by hydrothermal synthesis and then this precipitate is calcined. The prepared compounds are used as anode material for lithium-ion batteries. These electrodes deliver specific discharge capacity values of the order of 500 mAh g-1 for a C-rate of 0.2C. They remain at 78% of their initial capacity after 100 cycles and exhibit a satisfactory rate performance as well as cycling stability. These electrochemical properties are correlated with their kinetic parameters.

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