Membrane resistance of different separator materials in a vanadium redox flow battery

By Schafner, Katharina; Becker, Maik; Turek, Thomas
Published in Journal of Membrane Science 2019


The membrane in vanadium redox flow batteries has various influences on the performance during operation due to their ohmic losses and crossover phenomena. In this study, the area specific membrane resistances of different materials (cation exchange membranes, anion exchange membranes and a porous separator) were measured under conditions relevant for practical vanadium redox flow battery operation by means of electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. The transient behavior of the membrane resistance upon current density changes was found to be strongly dependent on the thickness and the internal structure of the tested materials. In most cases, the membrane resistance decreased with increasing current density, while only the FAP-375-PP membrane showed an increasing resistance during discharge. For thin membranes and especially the Celgard

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