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We have compiled this database of articles where people have used a Gamry System in their research. Search by Author, Publication Title, Publisher, Year Published or simply by relevant keywords. The Abstract of the article will be available with a link to the complete publication.

If you have published an article using a Gamry Instruments System and do not see it in this list, send an email to us with Title, Abstract and link and we will gladly add it to our database.

Publication Date
One-step plasma nitriding synthesis of NixN/NF (x = 3, 4) for efficient hydrogen evolution
By Ma, Guanshui; Guo, Peng; Wang, Shuyuan; Liu, Yingrui; Xin, Yang; Li, Hao; Chen, Rende; Wang, Aiying
Electrochemical study of the dissolution of oxide films grown on type 316L stainless steel in molten fluoride salt
By Qiu, Jie; Macdonald, Digby D.; Schoell, Ryan; Han, Junsoo; Mastromarino, Sara; Scully, John R.; Kaoumi, Djamel; Hosemann, Peter
Determination of the corrosion product layer resistance on zinc and electrolytically galvanized steel samples by using gel electrolytes
By Valet, Svenja; Burkert, Andreas; Ebell, Gino; Babutzka, Martin
Silk fibroin-Ti3C2TX hybrid nanofiller enhance corrosion protection for waterborne epoxy coatings under deep sea environment
By Chen, Junfeng; Zhao, Wenjie
Electrical resistivity of partially-saturated alkali-activated slag containing sodium nitrite admixture
By Tian, Zushi; Ye, Hailong
Insights and optimization of the structural and mechanical properties of TiWSiN coatings using the Taguchi method
By Macías, H.A.; Yate, L.; Coy, E.; Aperador, W.; Olaya, J.J.
Preparation and electrochemical properties of uniform spherical lithium rich materials xLi2MnO3∙(1-x)LiMn1/3Ni1/3Co1/3O2
By Zhou, Sen; Liu, Guoqiang; Wen, Lei; Luo, Hongze
Interfacial water management of gradient microporous layer for self-humidifying proton exchange membrane fuel cells
By Lin, Rui; Chen, Liang; Zheng, Tong; Tang, Shenghao; Yu, Xiaoting; Dong, Mengcheng; Hao, Zhixian
Rational design of core-shell-structured CoPx@FeOOH for efficient seawater electrolysis
By Wu, Libo; Yu, Luo; McElhenny, Brian; Xing, Xinxin; Luo, Dan; Zhang, Fanghao; Bao, Jiming; Chen, Shuo; Ren, Zhifeng
Influence of model environment complexity on corrosion mechanism of biodegradable zinc alloys
By Hybasek, Vojtech; Kubasek, Jiri; Capek, Jaroslav; Alferi, Dino; Pinc, Jan; Jiru, Jitrenka; Fojt, Jaroslav

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