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We have compiled this database of articles where people have used a Gamry System in their research. Search by Author, Publication Title, Publisher, Year Published or simply by relevant keywords. The Abstract of the article will be available with a link to the complete publication.

If you have published an article using a Gamry Instruments System and do not see it in this list, send an email to us with Title, Abstract and link and we will gladly add it to our database.

Publication Date
2,7-Disubstituted 1,3,6,8-tetraazabenzopyrenes: Synthesis, characterization, optical and electrochemical properties
By Baranov, Denis S.; Krivenko, Olga L.; Nevostruev, Danil A.; Glebov, Evgeni M.; Uvarov, Mikhail N.; Kazantsev, Maxim S.; Mostovich, Evgeny A.; Kulik, Leonid V.
Effect of N content in g-C3N4 as metal-free catalyst on H2O2 decomposition for MB degradation
By Wang, Xunhe; Li, Dongqi; Nan, Zhaodong
Perovskite sensitized erbium doped TiO2 photoanode solar cells with enhanced photovoltaic performance
By Venkatachalam, P.; Kalaivani, T.; Krishnakumar, N.
Nanoporous ITO implemented bipolar electrode sensor for enhanced electrochemiluminescence
By Seo, Minjee; Yeon, Song Yi; Yun, Jeongse; Chung, Taek Dong

By Ibrahim, Hamdy; Luo, Alan; Dean, David; Elahinia, Mohammad
High-performance Li-S battery cathode enabled by immobilizing sulfur in hybrid Janus host with hierarchical structure
By Song, Chengwei; Bian, Zihao; Xu, Ying; Pang, Yuepeng; Peng, Chengxin; Zheng, Shiyou
The investigation of Cu2O electrochemical deposition time effect on ZnO for water splitting
By Tezcan, Fatih; Mahmood, Asad; Karda?, Gulfeza
The effect of physical adsorption on the capacitance of activated carbon electrodes
By Tolman, Nathan L.; Mukai, Jason M.; Wang, Shuqing; Zito, Alessandra; Luo, Tianyi; Liu, Haitao
Reproducibility of Li-ion cell reassembling processes and their influence on coin cell aging
By Schmid, Alexander Uwe; Kurka, Moritz; Birke, Kai Peter
Microstructure and corrosion behavior of Fe-based amorphous composite coatings developed by atmospheric plasma spraying
By Bijalwan, Pavan; Kumar, Anil; Nayak, Sapan K.; Banerjee, Atanu; Dutta, Monojit; Laha, Tapas

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