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We have compiled this database of articles where people have used a Gamry System in their research. Search by Author, Publication Title, Publisher, Year Published or simply by relevant keywords. The Abstract of the article will be available with a link to the complete publication.

If you have published an article using a Gamry Instruments System and do not see it in this list, send an email to us with Title, Abstract and link and we will gladly add it to our database.

Publication Date
Self-assembly approach toward polymeric carbon nitrides with regulated heptazine structure and surface groups for improving the photocatalytic performance
By Gao, Guoming; Zhang, Lina; Chen, Qifeng; Fan, Huailin; Zheng, Jie; Fang, Yanfen; Duan, Ran; Cao, Xiaofeng; Hu, Xun
Effects of water atmosphere on chemical degradation of PrBa0.5Sr0.5Co1.5Fe0.5O5+? electrodes
By Choi, Mingi; Kim, Seo Ju; Lee, Wonyoung
Molecular structure and mild steel/HCl corrosion inhibition of 4,5-Dicyanoimidazole: Vibrational, electrochemical and quantum mechanical calculations
By Abuelela, Ahmed M.; Bedair, Mahmoud A.; Zoghaib, Wajdi M.; Wilson, Lee D.; Mohamed, Tarek A.
One-step fabrication of new generation graphene-based electrodes for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells by a novel electrophoretic deposition
By Jamil, Muhammad Faisal; Bi
Synthesis and electrochemical characterization of La0.6Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3
By Sanna, Caterina; Zhang, Wenjing; Costamagna, Paola; Holtappels, Peter
Bio-inspired lamellar hydroxyapatite/magnesium composites prepared by directional freezing and pressureless infiltration
By Yang, Li-Kai; Jin, Quan; Guo, Rui-Fen; Shen, Ping
Electrochemical activation to enhance the volumetric performance of carbon nanotube electrodes
By Chen, Daniel Rui; Adusei, Paa Kwasi; Chitranshi, Megha; Fang, Yanbo; Johnson, Kevin; Schulz, Mark; Shanov, Vesselin
Synthesis and Ex-Situ characterizations of diamond-like carbon coatings for metallic bipolar plates in PEM fuel cells
By Alaefour, Ibrahim; Shahgaldi, Samaneh; Zhao, Jian; Li, Xianguo
Structural orientation effect of cellulose nanocrystals (CNC) films on electrochemical kinetics and stability in lithium-ion batteries
By Kim, Kyungho; Kim, Patrick J.; Chowdhury, Reaz Ahmed; Kantharaj, Rajath; Candadai, Aaditya; Marconnet, Amy; Pol, Vilas G.; Youngblood, Jeffrey P.
Immuno-probed graphene nanoplatelets on electrolyte-gated field-effect transistor for stable cortisol quantification in serum
By Nasyifa, Mohd Maidin Nur; Ruslinda, A. Rahim; Halim, Nur Hamidah Abdul; Abidin, Azrul Syafiq Zainol; Faudzi, Fatin Nabilah Mohd; Ahmad, Nurul Atiqah; Lockman, Zainovia; Rezek, Bohuslav; Kromka, Alexander; Gopinath, Subash C. B.

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