QCM-I Mini

The new QCM-i Mini Quartz Crystal Microbalance monitors frequency and dissipation

The QCM-I MiniTM Quartz Crystal Microbalance is a high-sensitivity mass sensor which measures the change in frequency and dissipation (QCM-D) of a quartz crystal resonator and any adsorbed film.  QCMs are useful in any number of applications - biosensors, chemical sensors, corrosion, polymer films, nanoparticle films, etc. Changes in frequency as well as dissipation give information relating to changes in mass or elasticity of films. 

QCM-I Mini Features:

  • Both frequency and quality of resonance (FWHM or Bandwidth or Dissipation) are measured
  • Different harmonics (up to the 13th Overtone at 5MHz Crystals) can be quickly and sequentially measured
  • Temperature control from 15° C to 60° (± 0,02° C) in included on one channel
  • Two independently measured channels
  • External PC with Windows® 10 Communication with QCM-I Mini via USB