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Hierarchical Ni3S4@MoS2 nanocomposites as efficient electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution reaction

By Ren, Yuxi; Zhu, Shengli; Liang, Yanqin; Li, Zhaoyang; Wu, Shuilin; Chang, Chuntao; Luo, Shuiyuan; Cui, Zhenduo
Published in Journal of Materials Science & Technology 44560


Hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) through water splitting is a promising way to solve the energy shortage. Noble-metal-free HER electrocatalysts with high efficiency is very important for practical applications. Herein, we prepare the Ni3S4@MoS2 electrocatalyst on carbon cloth (CC) through a two-step hydrothermal process. The Ni3S4 nanorods are uniformly integrated with the MoS2 nanosheets, forming a hierarchical structure and heterogeneous interfaces. The fast electron transfer on the interface enhances the kinetics of catalytic reaction. The hierarchical structure provides more exposed active sites. The Ni3S4@MoS2/CC exhibits good catalytic activity and long-term stability for HER. This work provided a practicable strategy to develop efficient electrocatalysts for HER in alkaline media.

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