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Biowaste derived porous carbon sponge for high performance supercapacitors

By Zhang, Wenbin; Liu, Bei; Yang, Mei; Liu, Yijiang; Li, Huaming; Liu, Pingle
Published in Journal of Materials Science & Technology 44560


Here, an agricultural waste (the stem pith of helianthus annuus, SPHA) is firstly used as the precursor for preparing three-dimensional (3D) porous carbon sponge (PCS). The as-prepared 3D PCS (SPHA-700) possesses unique sponge-like structure, large specific surface area (SSA) and high nitrogen doping level (4.52 at.%), which benefit the enhancement of conductivity (5.8 S cm?1) and wettability. As a binder-free electrode for solid-state symmetric supercapacitor, SPHA-700 delivers a relatively high specific capacitance of 137.1 F g?1 at 0.5 A g?1. Moreover, activated SPHA-700 (SPHA-ac-700

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