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One-step combustion synthesis of carbon-coated NiO/Ni composites for lithium and sodium storage

By Xu, Chunxiao; Li, Yayong; Adams, Ryan A.; Pol, Vilas G.; Xiao, Yang; Varma, Arvind; Chen, Pengwan
Published in Journal of Alloys and Compounds 44535


Using carbon dioxide and nickel nitrate as the carbon and nickel sources respectively, a carbon-coated NiO/Ni (NiO/Ni@C) composite was synthesized via a one-step solution combustion method. Ethanolamine was used as the CO2 adsorption solution, with nickel nitrate dissolved in it to form the combustion precursor at a molecular level. The as-obtained NiO/Ni nanoparticles exhibited spherical morphology with an average size of 30

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