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Boosting the energy density of iron-cobalt oxide based hybrid supercapacitors by redox-additive electrolytes

By Zhao, Yan; Zheng, Jihua; Yuan, Ming; Wang, Yaqing; Liu, Wenjie; Yang, Shiliu; Li, Guochun; Lian, Jiabiao; Bu, Yongfeng
Published in Journal of Alloys and Compounds 44540


Due to the increasing requirement of small electronic devices for high energy output and long-term lifespan, hybrid supercapacitor device with ultrahigh energy density and long cycle stability has attracted great attention in recent decades. Herein, we constructed an aqueous FeCo2O4 needle-like array (NLA)/CC-based hybrid supercapacitor using K3[Fe(CN)6] as an electrolyte additive to enhance the pseudocapacitor performance. The extensive charge storage kinetics and the electron transport mechanism of the FeCo2O4-NLA in KOH+K3[Fe(CN)6] electrolyte are discussed. The FeCo2O4-NLA soaked in a 3

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