Reference 3000 & 30k Booster

Rapid, High-Current Pulsing & Superior, Low-Impedance EIS

For those interested in determining the characteristics of batteries, especially by discharging them to see their changes in impedance, Gamry Instruments offers the Reference™ 3000 potentiostat plus our 30k Booster. This combination of instruments is useful for running stress tests on batteries, by applying rapid, high-current pulses singly or repeatedly.

reference3000 30kBooster

Fig. 1. Reference™ 3000 (left) with Reference™ 30k Booster (right), with Test and Cal cell (green).

Gamry’s Reference 3000 and Reference 30k Booster can accurately and reliably generate current pulses as short as the high tens of microseconds. 

Reference 30K Booster

Nobody is faster
Distortion-free, rapid pulsing for charge and discharge

30 A Pulse on a 5 mOhm cell.

30 A Pulse on a 5 mOhm cell

Nobody goes lower
Up to 30A @ 20V, EIS to 300 kHz

shorted lead curve

200 nOhm Shorted Lead Curve, 20 A rms, 0.9 m cell cable

Read our latest application note "High-current Pulses for Battery Research" and download a copy in PDF format.