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The Ohio State University Spring 2022 Corrosion Short Course

Ohio State University corrosion courseRegistration is now open for the Ohio State University Corrosion Short Course being held online May 2, 2022 - May 6, 2022. This course, entitled “Corrosion: Fundamentals and Experimental Methods”, will be offered in an online, with live video lectures and lab demonstrations. The course will be taught online by Dr. Gerald Frankel, Dr. Jenifer Locke, and Dr. Eric Schindelholz from the department of Materials Science and Engineering and also Dr. Rudy Buchheit, Dean of the College of Engineering, University of Kentucky.

 This course is based on the long running corrosion short course that occurred annually at Penn State University and was taught in part by the lecturers of this course at OSU. The content and approach will be very similar. However, changes will be made to accommodate the online format.

The instructional material and content for the course consists of live lectures and laboratory exercises. The labs show the real time activities of a teaching assistant doing the experiment and the computer screen of the software controlling the instrumentation, along with the narration by an instructor. 

The course will include these topics:

  1. Thermodynamics of corrosion
  2. Kinetics of corrosion
  3. Polarization
  4. Corrosion rate measurement techniques
  5. Passivity/localized corrosion
  6. Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
  7. Environment Assisted Cracking
  8. Corrosion protection with Coatings
  9. Atmospheric Corrosion

For more information and to register for the Corrosion Short Course, visit the Ohio State College of Engineering Professional and Distance Education Programs website.  Registration closes Friday April 29 2022.