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Penn State University Corrosion Short Course 2015

Corrosion: Fundamentals and Experimental Methods

penn state logoRegistration is now closed for the 2015 Corrosion Short Course being held at Penn State University Park Campus June 7-12th.  The course, now in it's 19th year, will cover the fundamentals of corrosion and various electrochemical techniques. Lectures and laboratories will be used to illustrate how electrochemical techniques are applied, when they should be used, and how the various techniques can be integrated to solve complex problems. The course will be useful for people entering the corrosion field and for professionals looking for a refresher course.

Lecture Topics

  • Thermodynamics of corrosion

  • Kinetics of corrosion

  • Polarization

  • Corrosion rate measurement techniques

  • Passivity/localized corrosion

  • Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy

  • Scanning probe methods for evaluating corrosion

  • Statistical analysis of corrosion data

  • Corrosion inhibitors

Laboratory and Demonstration Topics

  • Corrosion potential measurements

  • Polarization resistance

  • Potentiostatic and potentiodynamic polarization

  • Galvanic corrosion

  • Pitting (including scratch techniques, metastable pitting, and critical pitting temperature)

  • Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS)

  • Electrochemical noise analysis

Laboratory Practice Sessions

  • Cell design

  • Sample preparation

  • Experimental techniques

  • Practical examples

For more information and to register for the short course, please visit the Penn State website.