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Gamry to Exhibit at the Lithium Battery Power Conference

Li Battery PowerGamry Instruments will be an exhibitor at the 10th Annual Knowledge Foundation’s Lithium Battery Power Conference November 11-12 in Washington, DC

This year’s conference will be held at the Capital Hilton in Washington, DC with theme entitled "Driving Breakthrough Energy Technologies from Lab to Market". Immediately following the Battery Power Conference will be the 5th Annual Battery Safety 2014 on November 13-14 at the same venue.

The Lithium Battery Power Conference addresses critical issues facing the industry, presents innovative and game-changing research on lithium-ion and beyond Li-ion batteries, and fosters cross-industry discussion on ways to advance viable technologies from pure research to practical application and commercialization.

The Battery Safety conference addresses key safety challenges of lithium batteries and technologies for improvement. The conference gathers electrical engineers, cell manufacturers and safety officials to share cell-level research, systems-level safety analysis, research applications and cost reduction strategies with examples from industry, academia, government and the military.

Gamry Instruments will be represented at the conference by Dr. Christopher Beasley. Their exhibit will include the introduction of new products designed specifically for battery research.

Founded in 1989, Gamry Instruments designs and builds precision electrochemical instrumentation and accessories. Gamry’s potentiostats, when operated using PWR800 Electrochemical Energy Software along with EIS300 Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy, are designed to cover the complete electrochemical needs of battery researchers.

In addition to quality electrochemical instruments and cell design, Gamry takes pride in offering top notch support both before and after the sale. The sales and technical support staff consists of electrochemists and engineers with real-word research experience.

For more information on Gamry Instruments, please visit or contact Gamry at 215-682-9330.